Why Think About the Pore?

Pores are an important consideration when it comes to skincare. The products that are placed on the skin can affect how pores function. One type is the oil pore. The oil pore is a small opening in the skin for hair follicles and contains its own oil producing oil (sebaceous) gland. They are found all over the surface of the body except on the hands and feet.

Pores are important because they keep the skin cool and hydrated while allowing toxins, oils and dead cells to escape into the environment. Clogged pores are the result of trapped dirt, dead skin cells and oils. When pores are clogged or congested it results in blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Skin tends to take on a lackluster appearance.

Here are a few reasons why clogged pores happen naturally: hormone changes, bacteria, sweat, toxins in the air, excessive oil changes, and even skin care products/regimens. It is extremely important to find skin care products containing ingredients that do not clog pores. Even better are the products that aid in protecting and healing the skin. Our products are made with the pore in mind. Beeswax doesn’t clog pores and is included in our products for good reason!