Magnesuim Flakes VS. Epsom Salt

We all know how good it feels to soak our feet in a warm soak, if even for a few minutes. Even better if we get to soak in the tub a few days a week! With life becoming even more busy it is best to make these minutes count!

A magnesium flake is magnesium chloride in a concentrated form, or natural magnesium. When soaking the feet or body in warm water containing magnesium, it encourages the body to replenish lost minerals. It is crucial for general wellbeing.

Here are a few reasons to use Magnesium Flakes: helps ease muscle tension, alleviating menstrual cramps, encourages a deeper sleep because the body is more relaxed, supports healthy bones, improves skin health and benefits the heart and nervous system.

Use our Take-5 Soak as a foot bath for 20 minutes, while listening to your favorite audio book, watching a show or working from home. If you get the time to take a bath, soak for 20 minutes. You will begin to notice the difference immediately as your body absorbs what it needs through the skin (transdermal), bypassing the digestive system.  

Epsom Salt is a form of Magnesium sulfate. It has typically been the go-to for sore muscle relief. It is best used to detox the system, and draws out toxins and can even help pull out splinters. The body doesn’t absorb the minerals as effectively through the skin. We use Epsom Salt during a detox or gallbladder cleanse and when watering our tomatoes and apple trees. It helps the plants absorb minerals more efficiently.