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Apoidea has exemplary standards on using only pure organic ingredients in their products.  The owner has impeccable taste! Their name comes from the word associated with bees- busy workers! I LOVE the lip balm texture and effect on moisturizing my lips!  I keep 2 around at all times for the dry and cold weather where I live.  I worked many years ordering in a health food store and this product is more delightful on the lips than any other organic big name company product around!

Marilyn, Utah

It glides so smoothly! I love the way it feels on my lips!

Kristy, Alaska

I took this from my wife one day, and it is the only one I use. I’m not giving it back!

James, Alaska

Love how it hydrates and protects! Long lasting too!

Sarah, Alaska

The Raspberry-Mint lip balm is delicious!

Margaret, Alaska

It is very soothing on my lips!

Emily, Utah 

My daugher has struggled to find lip balm that would heal her lips. Finally!!! She has thrown away all her other tubes and this is all she uses. We will definitely be buying Honey Frost again! Thank you!!

Stephanie, Alaska

I only use lip balm while on the ski slope and I am enjoying it!

Nancy, Utah

This lipbalm is SO soft, I can't stop rubbing my lips! My girls have loved it as well, we live in a very dry place and we all need it.

Leticia, Utah

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